Home Town Teams – How Sports Shape America

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In America, sports are a big part of what we do.  We win and we lose and we yearn to play another day.  And if we’re not playing, we’re watching:  in the stands, on the fields, or in our living rooms.  Explore how sports have reflected the triumphs and trials of the American experience and helped shape our national character for well over a hundred years.  Sports carry over into our daily lives as well as into the character and make-up of our communities.  Local sports leagues keep us connected with each other.  Booster clubs support high school athletics.  Corporate sponsorships help with financial costs of local teams.  Parents shuffle kids to and from practice and competitions.  Our sports landscape is now as diverse and dynamic as the American people.  We embrace sports brought to America by immigrants from around the world.  We create new sports by combining our favorite elements from established games.  We are in the midst of a “Sports Revolution!”