Recent donations

We have had some very interesting items donated recently.

The Pruden family donated a Hemingford Band Uniform and several issues of the Hemingford Spudpicker, the local scholl annual.

We got the cutest pair of a childs handmade hobnail boots from Thomas Abbott. These are wonderful since so few childrens items survived.

The Embry family gave a banner from the Sandillo Horse races in 1956. We will be working on a special display with our Sanhillo artifacts for Alliance’s 125th birthday in 2013.

Bill Coleman has given a seclection of unusual costumes from the Odd Fellows organization and a collection of records from the same group. These will be a great asset in the Heritage Room.

Pat Griffis donated a photo of an early Alliance High Basketball team featuring her husband Walt. Loved the outfits they were wearing!

The mail brought us 3 photos of laying the brick streets in 1920. These were clipped from a family album and send on to us. They are wonderful and show many buildings including the Lowery Henry Garage (or Dobson’s Garage) before the second floor was built over the Roof Garden Dance Hall. Fantastic!@ we thank Donita Mills for thinking of us.

These are just a sampling of the unusual and wonderful items that people have given that will be a lasting legacy to Alliance. I will be pointing out new items as they come in. Stay tuned……….