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Local Artist Joe Lamay 1914-2004

Joe LaMay’s art speaks to many people with it’s diverse variety of chalk, oil, pen and ink, these are  just a few of the mediums displayed in the Knight Museum & Sandhills Center Theater from now until early 2013. While many have long enjoyed his art they  may not know he also dabbled in cartoons and illustrations. The story of Joe’s late in life jump in to acadamia at Chadron State College, his family Christmas cards, his first painting and his last unfinished painting of a Paris street  will impress you with his talent and perserverance. The Knight Museum & Sandhills Center is proud to show the private collection belonging to his children so stop by for a visual treat.

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Hoffland & Antioch Nebraska

If you drive east on Highway 2 and zing by Antioch, no wait did you blink and miss it? Well if you ever wanted to know more about this interesting ghost town, come to the Knight Museum & Sandhills Center on Thurs. Oct 25th and listen to Ken Messersmith talk about Antioch and Hoffland Nebraska in the early Days. Ken, who was born in Antioch and Becky Herian will provide some interesting commentary on the early history of these two towns on the prairie. See ya there at 6:30 p.m.  in the Theater.

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School has started, are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Well here we are  back to school again but it makes me wonder if kids are the only ones that should be learning? I hazzard a guess that we should all be trying to learn something new once in awhile.

For me that is some new gem about my widespread family like the long ago ancestor that lived with his family of 6 in a one room house and toiled at a job that barely paid $20 a month or the missing child in a family that you find died on the trip across the sea and was buried overboard. These stories are heartbreaking but do answer a question. It also makes us all realize how lucky we are and what a blessed life we have now.

Learning also encludes the computer. If you have not entered your valuable family research to a computer yet, now is the time. There are many great programs available and they seem to realize that not everyone is Bill Gates trained so most are very user friendly. Once you take the leap you will find the ease of sharing materials outweighs any strain of inputting data. You just have to think on the terms that Grandpa is now data!

We are always available to help with any genealogy questions. If we don’t know the answer, we can find someone that does. Now go learn something…..

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Jim Potter Program August 23

Join us Thursday Aug 23rd for a facinating program by Jim Potter, Nebraska Historical Society Senior Researcher from Chadron. He will be talking about “Equality before the Law: The Civil Rights Origin of Nebraska’s State Motto” and how the post-Civil War national debates over granting civil rights to former slaves affected Nebraska’s admission to satehood in 1867 and promted our state motto. This will be very interesting, be sure and join us at 6:30 pm at the Knight Museum. See you there!

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New Alliance Book is in the works.

The Alliance Times Herald is publishing a new coffee table style photo book for Alliance’s 125th Birthday Celebration in 2013. It should be ready for sale by Christmas. We are very excited to co-sponsor with the use of our many photos.

Be watching for further information in the Alliance Times Herald or here at the KM & SC.


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