Native American Postcard Collection


  1. Indian PowWow Postcard; Throbbing tom-toms, colorful costumes and ancient Indian dances announce the beginning of an Indian powwow in Nebraska. Tribal skills in the intricate dance steps, artistry in beadwork and costuming are passed on from generation to generation to preserve the ancient heritage.
  2. Standing Bear Postcard; Standing Bear is probably best known for the court case in which he was plantiff which resulted in a declaration that “An Indian is a Person within the meaning of the law.” He later became a lecturer on Indian rights, and was instrumental in bringing about a change of governmental policy toward all Indians and their homes.
  3. Indian Chief Postcard; An Indian Chief proudly wears his colorful headress and beaded buckskins during the annual powwow of the Omaha and Winnebago Tribes. Every feather, tuft, and bead has an exact placement in the headress. The fringed and decorated buckskins are carefully tailored, for a Chief must be every inch a Chief before he makes an appearance to preside over a powwow.
  4. Indian Work Postcard; One of the country’s outstanding Indian Collections and presentations.
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4 Postcard Collection

Indian PowWow; Standing Bear; Indian Chief; Indian Work