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Paperback: 128 pages

Published: Arcadia Publishing 2000

ISBN-10: 00738508314

ISBN-13: 9780738508313


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Alliance, Nebraska

Once heralded as the “Queen City of the Plains,”
Alliance, Nebraska originated as a simple railroad
junction called Grand Lake. Founded on true pioneer
spirit in 1887, Alliance has grown from a farm and ranch
community into a major retail center for Box Butte County.
The Knight Museum showcases over 200 images in this new
book, depicting the history and growth of Alliance during its
113-year history.
Although there are many anonymous threads that make
up the social fabric of Alliance, readers will recognize the
more familiar faces of the Newberry family, Dr. Frank Knight,
Miss Susan Frazier, and Miss Katherine Schill. While some
landmarks are gone forever, such as the depot and the Coors
Building, many timeless photographs remain to guide the
reader down the main street of Alliance’s rich history. From
the vintage image of the county courthouse to the beauty
of western Nebraska’s largest park system, readers will get a
glimpse of the pioneering spirit that is still so abundant.