Alliance Memories


Hardcover: 144 pages

Published: Pediment Publishing 2012

ISBN-13: 978197253833



The history that you find in most books can teach you dates. It can teach you facts. It can teach you about the events that made newspaper headlines. This history book is different. While fasts, dates and events that made newspaper headlines are strewn throughout the pages, much more is present. The lives of Alliance residents are shown through many facets. From a picture of a rancher’s cattle to a family portrait from the early 1900s and a photo from a company Christmas dinner-all these are represented in this pictorial history book.

Alliance’s entire 125-year history can’t be captured in 144 pages, but we have tried to capture those special moments – the moments that are seen everyday but no documents. Anyone who has lived in Alliance can attest to the fact that there is a spirit here – a spirit of compassion and a spirit of perseverance. What you will find in this book is our history, good and bad. These are only pieces of what makes Alliance our hometown – pieces of what will soon be added to our documented history but can never replace our memories, our stories and our experiences.